About the project

Importance of water in cultural, historicalv and social aspects in people s life is a multilateral project connected with the topic of water and it will be carried by students aged 10-16 within the period of two years from September 2020 to August 2022.

People talk about water as a lifegiving force, as about the source of life, all this is true, you cannot forget about this. We, however, through the implementation of this project, want to show that water is something more. Water is history, it is a way of life, it is a sacrum that accompanies almost every ritual. The main aim of our project is to analyse the importance of water in our different cultures, history, customs, traditions, pieces of literature. Students will learn more about the history of the area they come from, for instance thanks to the analysis of legends, closely related to their place of origin. They will become more sensitive to the surrounding beauty, because they will have the opportunity to experience nature, during multiple trips organized in their home country, as well as during those organized in partner countries. We want to show that water i salso a philosofy of life. People who associate with nature are happier, than those who don t. While taking part in the project students will feel proud of their cultural heritage as they get acquainted with their native poets and writers and their work with proverbs, as well as with the most beautiful places located by water.

After exchanging this knowledge with peers from partner countries (the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Lithuania and Poland) students will learn more about culture of other European nations. The objectives of the project will be organized by students active participation in special workshops where they will acquire skills of acting and the way they need to move on the stage, as well as those necessary to write a good script. They will use gained knowledge and skills in preparation of their own European story, which will be considered as a legend. Students will also take part in various trips to places closely related to water, meetings with artists and, thus, they will promote creative ways of spending free time. They will gain many usefull skills which may help them in choosing future profession and so that come a better, happier way of life, and all that thanks to WATER.